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Social anxiety is a debilitating disorder affecting 7.1% of the adult population in the
United States, with 12.1% experiencing symptoms at some point in their lives (Social Anxiety
Disorder, n.d.). The disorder consists of persistent fear of one or more social or performance
situations (Social Anxiety Disorder, n.d.). The individual may feel like they will be scrutinized by
others or act in a way that is embarrassing (Social Anxiety Disorder, n.d.). With the person
scrutinizing their own actions, it can be hard for them to ask for help. The person experiencing
these symptoms may not have the coping skills needed to process their emotions. With so many
people that may deal with this currently or through their lifetime, helping them by educating
them on the signs and symptoms of social anxiety, coping mechanisms, treatments, support and
other resources would be beneficial the earlier it is caught.

The group will meet once a week for nine weeks in 90-minute sessions. It will be a closed group and hold ten to twelve members. Sensitive topics may be discussed.

  • Goal 1: Participants will have a better understanding of social anxiety including possible symptoms,
    coping strategies and techniques.
  • Goal 2: Increased self-awareness and identification of emotions
  • Goal 3: Increased mindfulness, knowing the difference between mindfulness and self-awareness
  • Goal 4: Create a support group of at least three other people, two must be outside of the group
  • Goal 5: Attend one social event to share in the group

The group is open to anyone with social anxiety and/or are going through a transitional phase that might be troubling them. Participants do not need the diagnosis of social anxiety but a
significant score on the screening assessment provided in the information. If the individual does not meet the criteria but would still like to join, they can contact Bright Future Behavioral Health. The individual must also be between the age of 18 to 24. A screening must be completed for eligibility. The start date and time will be decided after participant spots have been filled. Call, text, or email for more information.

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