Emotional Support Animal
Assessments and Letters

113875279Day-to-day life is a struggle.

Battling anxiety, petting your dog or cat is the only thing that seems to calm you down quickly.

Some days, your depression is so bad that only your precious pet can put a smile on your face or bring you some joy.

Your PTSD symptoms keep you from enjoying life, but your pet offers you some relief.

If this has been your experience, an emotional support animal might be right for you.

Let’s talk about Emotional Support Animal (ESA) letters…

755406430What they are…

An ESA letter is a legal document from a Licensed Mental Health Counselor that shows that your pet provides emotional and mental support to help improve your well-being.

Why they’re important…

The Fair Housing Act protects people with mental health issues from discrimination. Those efforts include mandates that landlords create reasonable accommodations for people needing an animal for emotional and mental support.

You might be entitled to these accommodations…

This means you might be able to have your pet even if your landlord has a no-pet policy. Or you might be able to get your pet deposit waived.

1654813753We can help you determine whether you qualify.

We’ll sit down with you when you schedule an ESA-letter appointment and explain the process.

First, you must meet the criteria for a diagnosable mental health condition and show how having an ESA will greatly improve those symptoms.

Then, we will conduct various mental health assessments and an intensive interview to see if you qualify.

Let’s get started!

If you feel an emotional support animal (ESA) is right for you, you’re in the right place.

Now, take that next step to make it a reality!

Call or text now to schedule your ESA interview and assessment: (850) 792-7795.

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