Mental Health Assessments

Here’s what they are…

Mental health assessments are tools (evaluations) that determine whether a person is psychologically and socially healthy and living well.

Mental health assessments are essential at every stage in life, as they reveal how well you handle stress, relate to others, and make choices.

People request mental health assessments for a variety of reasons.

One reason is a family member is diagnosed with a mental illness. Assessments can be used to either confirm or rule out a diagnosis.

Another reason might be to identify the cause of some problematic symptoms you have been experiencing. This also helps your counselor tailor treatment goals and interventions to your specific circumstances.

No matter the reason, our friendly staff will help you feel comfortable through the process and answer any questions you may have.

The “mental status evaluation” (MSE) is a common one.

An MSE is a structured assessment of one’s cognitive and behavioral functioning. It is necessary to help ensure an accurate psychiatric evaluation.

An MSE can clarify mental illness signs, symptoms, and risks; provide a working diagnosis; and suggest possible interventions.

MSEs look at five key areas…

  1. General appearance and behavior
  2. Mood and affect
  3. Thought content
  4. Cognitive functioning
  5. Judgment and insight

A professional counselor uses this tool by asking direct questions and observing objectively.

We do other types of mental health assessments, too.

Our professionally trained counselors may use several different evidence-based assessments. They will choose the ones that best fit the symptoms you are experiencing.

Some assessments you might do on your own, and then they’re scored by the counselor. Others are completed with the counselor.

When you schedule an appointment for a mental health assessment, you’ll first meet with your counselor so they can get your family, social, educational/vocational, psychiatric, and symptom history. Depending on the length of your intake and the assessments needed, you might need a second appointment.

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