Children’s Therapy

Children’s Therapy

268132268Is your child struggling?

Have you noticed any changes in your child’s behavior?

Maybe it’s related to something at home, like a divorce… or can you even pinpoint it?

Are you concerned about how they are adjusting to school or friends?

Do they have trouble with their social skills or suffer from low self-esteem?

Have they had a trauma in their life, and you’re not sure how to help them through it?

Or perhaps they’ve received a diagnosis like ADHD, depression, anxiety, or OCD…

Children face many challenges as they grow and learn about the world around them. They experience stressors from school, friends, and social media. This can make things challenging for parents as well.

There are so many issues facing children today, and there’s not always an easy answer.

1570550302We understand!

Raising children is very rewarding, but it can also be very challenging. Many parents feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or even lost regarding how best to help their children through these struggles.

But don’t worry… we’re here to help. You are not alone!

We offer children’s therapy (ages four and up) to help them be successful in school, at home, and in their community.

In therapy, we’ll teach your child new skills and help them work through feelings like sadness, anger, stress, or grief. Children have difficulty expressing these emotions, so we provide them with a safe environment to work through their feelings.

And we’ll be supporting you every step of the way. Whether you need help understanding or working through your child’s IEP or 504 plan… or need the emotional support of your own… we’re here for you!

1095300188A little more about what it looks like…

Our top priority is that you and your child feel comfortable and safe. Our staff goes the extra mile to ensure we have a warm and inviting atmosphere at our office.

During the first couple of sessions, we’ll gather your history, share information relevant to your child’s care, and determine goals for treatment. We’ll work with you and your child to determine the focus of our work together.

During sessions, we have a variety of interesting activities for children to do. We use Legos, coloring books, playdough, board games, etc. Children are more comfortable when they can talk through play.

2120028536As the parent, you’re a huge part of the process!

This is a team effort!

For children to learn new coping strategies, they need to practice those skills at home, school, and out in the community. This is where you play a big part in their progress!

Parents need to give prompts and reminders to their child to practice the skills they’ve learned. This will help reinforce those skills and help your child feel more confident as they improve their ability to regulate emotions.

Our therapist will also give tips and suggestions on how best to support your child at home and school.

Bottom line: We want to partner with you so that you and your child will be successful.

1606546567 1The road to a brighter future…

It’s here! All you have to do is reach out.

Our friendly staff will answer any questions you may have and help you feel comfortable with the process.

We love kids and want them to be the best they can be!

Let us help. Call or text us to schedule your free consultation: (850) 792-7795.

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